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Subliminal Selling Secrets™ Workshop

Have you ever meet someone that was not a bad person but within a few minutes you do not know why but something about them did not appear, sound, or feel right? On the other hand you meet someone else and within the same amount of time you connect with them.

Here is why that happens. People think and process information in a number of ways. However, all of us have a preference. The person you did not connect with thinks and processes information differently then you do. And if you were to continue communicating with them they would have the same disconnect toward you.

The reason you connected with the other person is because they think and process information the same way you do. When people think and process information in the same way trust and rapport build quickly. Once you know how your customer thinks and processes information you have the key to their buying strategy.

The Subliminal Selling Secrets™ Workshop is about developing your sensory acuity so you will be able to easily determine your customers' preferred sensory modality visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. Once you determine your customer's preferred sensory modality you will have the key to their buying strategy and then you will be able to use that information to make more sales.

The workshop is filled with Neuro-linguistic Programming techniques, along with imbedded commands, and how to use these tools to pass buying information to your customer using subliminal messaging. That is a very sophisticated way to help your customers buy what they really want. With these skills your sales will come together naturally without using hard closing techniques and everyone enjoys the process.

Now it wouldn't be right for me to say you will develop an unfair advantage over your competition. And I couldn't say the workshop will put you head and shoulders above your competition.

However, the magic begins at the Subliminal Selling Secrets™ Workshop. Because it is a whole new suite of selling skills you will use to make more sales. As a selling professional I know you will do what ever it takes to attend the workshop and find out for yourself how persuasive you can become. I'm looking forward to meeting you at the workshop.

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