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Subliminal Selling Secrets Workshop September 2012

Listen to what Wanda had to say about the Subliminal Selling Secrets™ Workshop presented April 24, 2010 in Jacksonville Florida.

Here is what a few of the participants at the 3/31/2010 Subliminal Selling Secrets™ Workshop held in Jacksonville Florida had to say about their experience:

Subliminal Selling Secrets Workshop 3/31/2010
Short Sale Loss Mitigation Certification Workshop


I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say thank you for the great 45 Hour Post License course. I learned a lot in your class and happy to say that I got a 91 on the exam.
Whatever anchors you set, you certainly fired them before the exam started!
Michael K


Dear Ulrich,
Thank you so much for an informative and entertaining class. You clarified a number of issues and gave me the confidence to pursue my real estate career armed with knowledge that will benefit my clients. I highly recommend your classes to any Realtor who wants to have the edge and knowledge to navigate through the market we are experiencing now.
Thank you again!
Best regards,
Nita M., Realtor
Keller Williams Realty
Atlantic Partners
office: 904-247-0059



I am in your 45 hour post-licensing class at NEFAR this week (and enjoying it very much!). I hope its ok that I am emailing you out of the blue....I goggled your real estate classes to find your contact info because I HAD to tell you about an experience I just had showing a condo!

Earlier today, you shared with us some techniques to overcome buyer objections when showing property...I showed a condo immediately after class this evening and tried to put these techniques in action. Here are the highlights:

As soon as we walked in the door, the wife says "Oh, look at the beautiful water view!" the husband agrees. A few moments later he is looking at the paint color in the main part of the unit and realizes it is actually a soft pink...to which he says..."UGH, what is this color, pink, oh my god!"....I just smiled, waited a second, then said, "Oh wow, that really is a great water view". The color issue was not mentioned again. (I'm thinking to myself, hmmm...maybe Ulrich really has something here...)

Then we toured the rest of the condo...As we walked back into the living room, the husband says, "This wall is strange, not sure my TV will fit, this built in shouldn't be right here." Normally I would have suggested ways he could fix it to make it work for him, but instead, I asked a question...."What do you think could be done here to make it work?" He stopped for a second, then really started thinking and looking around, and in minutes had come up with a perfect (and easy) solution to make it exactly what he wanted! TV crisis averted! (I'm thinking to myself....now I know Ulrich is on to something!)

I could tell the buyers liked the condo, it was in their price range, and it fit their needs so I reiterated the positive features the condo that met almost all of their initial search criteria to which they agreed. (Trying to do my job – not to get in the way of a deal and fulfill my responsibility to get them involved in an opportunity that can benefit them...not sure I have the wording exactly right from class but you get the general idea...)

As we stepped outside on the balcony, as the husband and wife are still admiring the view, the husband says, "Ok, lets write an offer on this one." To which I happily agreed and of course had handy, took care of promptly and have already submitted!! Now fingers crossed that it will be accepted! (As you may imagine, now I am thinking to myself, my goodness, Ulrich is quite possibly a genius!")

Obviously, if the people had absolutely not liked the place, they would not have made an offer, there is nothing I could have said that would make them love it nor would I have wanted to. My goal is to help them find a place that meets their needs and they will enjoy for years to come. The techniques I learned simply helped me help them see the opportunity rather than the obstacles in a place that is perfect for them.

My apologies if this was a bit lengthy but I am so excited about how well the techniques worked that I had to share it with you!

See you next week for the rest of the class...and I will DEFINITELY be signing up for the Subliminal Selling Techniques class!!

Kind Regards,

Julie A.
Prudential Network Realty



Thank you for bringing the class to NEFAR. I have a better understanding of the lease–option now. My original purpose was to be able to provide info for our owners, but now I know how I can use the process for myself. Besides being informative and educational, the class was fun.
I'm glad I attended.

Walter Williams Property Management


Dear Ulrich:

I would like to take a moment and thank you for your time and your generosity of coaching me in the real estate industry. When I called Maximum Success to sign up for your real estate class, I had no idea how much help you would provide me. You are a great listener. Your advise has been very wise which has helped me find the right "real estate" path for me. Because you have been so supportive, I have been able to focus and achieve my goals in a clear concise manner. You also believed in me and my ambition which has given me the strength and courage to move forward feeling energized and excited about my new career path.

Again thank you, sincerely for all your help and personal attention. I would be very happy to recommend you to anyone.

Mark E.


Dear Ulrich,

I recently took your Broker Pre-Licensing Course. I'm not a patient man and have to admit I was dreading the time I would have to invest. I knew in the end it would be worth it and was prepared to prop my eyes open, drink lots of caffeine and do what ever else it took to get through it.

For about the first hour things were pretty much what I expected. After all, you were teaching a subject that is inescapably and excruciatingly dry. But after that first hour I guess I warmed up to you, or vise versa, and I suddenly found that I was actually interested in what you were saying. The course material was probably the same as any other school but you seemed to have an interesting story or example that drove home every point.

In particular, I want to thank your for sharing the "Elevator Speech". I own another business also centered on sales. At one of our weekly meetings I shared with my staff your elevator speech. As with most groups some felt they didn't need such a thing but the newest people were interested. About a week later one of the "new guys" came to me very excited. He said he was at a car dealership waiting for his car to be repaired and decided to try the elevator speech on one of the other customers. He said. "Hi, my name is Paul. I provide the money people need to buy the house they want." To his amazement the man responded by saying. "Do you do refinances?" Paul took the application the next day. He now thinks I am some sort of genius with magic powers. I may correct his impression later.

James H.
Summit Mortgage Services


Dear Mr. Leinhase

I just looked on line and viewed the results of the test. I passed!!! I have to say that I am a bit disappointed in myself. I don't like to make C's. I think I was a little bit nervous. I hope that I am able to control that better on the state test. I just want to let you know how much I really enjoyed your class. Thank you for all of the time and energy you put into teaching. Good teachers are hard to come by these days.

Colleen S.


Dear Mr. Leinhase,

I just wanted to thank you for being such a good instructor. I took the class with you that ended in November at the college. I passed the state real estate exam yesterday on the first attempt. I attribute it to having taken the class with you. My husband is looking to register for the real estate class at the college that you teach tonight but it was full, so he is planning on taking the next one. I am sure I will be taking more classes with you and ordering CDs and other things. Thanks again.

D. C.


Dear Mr. Leinhase,

I don't know if your remember me ... I took your course from Feb to April ... I sat in the first row against the wall about ¾ back ... blonde hair, usually pulled back in a pony tail. I'm happy to report I did pass my state exam first time out! I realize this e-mail is a bit dated, but I thought I really wanted to let you know that you did a great job by us ... if I could pass end of course with a 94 and the State Exam 1st time trying ... YOU are to be congratulated. I'm interested in doing my 45-hour continuing education with you. Thanks for everything.

Janet F.

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